Friday, August 12, 2016

Mellow Evening

We were at our favourite haunt the other night and I managed to get this perfect shot of Tai-chan: a Portrait of Adolescence.

I've taken some great photos of him but this ranks up there with the best—mainly because of the neutral brown textured wall behind him, the artful shadows that make it look like natural light (it is! From a skylight).

Too bad this was taken with an iPad and is not ultra-high resolution—my Canon T5 is not something I can just whip out for every occasion but no one ever notices the iPad.



  1. Hes grown so much sensei! Bless him he seems a thinker. is he?

    What can i say sensei? I can only imagine how proud you must be looking at such a present figure of a man :)

  2. Heh . . . I'm not sure how much he thinks because he never tells me. He has always been quite a quiet kid. He was never a noisy or aggressive baby.

    Not exactly introverted, but not extroverted, either.

    But as a child of an early divorce I suppose we won't truly find out his character until he's old enough to start acting out what has happened to him psychologically.

    But I am very proud of him!